The Importance Of Being Neighborly

Soon after purchasing your new home the time where you should find a way to get to know your neighbors. In order to build a relationship and a solid foundation with your community, the best way to do this is to start allowing the neighbors around you to become acquaintances. This could start preventing a number of future problems from rising and help your family to settle in easier. Understandably, not everyone is people friendly however—the reasons you should start mingling with your new community are endless. Here are a few reasons to consider the importance of community living:

Mountains Out of Mole Hills

With people living so closely together it’s easy for smaller issues to snowball into larger problems. Most of these problems can be avoided in the first place if people felt close enough to work through the issues together. Over grown trees, dogs that bark throughout the night are just some examples of issues that can become bigger ones.

Avoiding disputes between neighbors can be easy know them well enough, instead of treating each other like strangers it’s always best to become friends and work through issues together.

Becoming a Solid Community Member

Getting to know your neighbors is easily done, by getting involved in a few community events, building a network through other neighbors and making a little effort to chat with everyone you’ll find your network will grow tremendously, you’ll become a solid fixture in your community and build a solid foundation for your self and your family. Building a solid foundation for yourself in your new community will not only make the transistion into your new home easier but will provide you with a sense of ownership and belonging.

Joining The Neighborhood Watch

During these not so safe times, a good neighborhood community can pay off when problems are close at hand. For instance; a community that takes pride in themselves and one another pays off when all eyes watch out for each other. If someone’s home gets broken into, there are neighbors around who may be more aware than in other neighborhoods. Acquaintances and friends will look out for one another property, in the event you are away, more than strangers. You may even find you are close enough to trust each other to trade keys during vacation times, to feed each others animals or help if someone is sick. Added security is always a relief and knowing that other people are looking out for you.

Becoming Aware of Problematic Neighbors

Becoming aware of possible problematic neighbors prior to your move is extremely important. Prior to move, drive around the neighborhood a few times. Take a mental note of any suspicious activities, unruly behavior, overcrowded or noisy visitors, unsociable or disruptive behavior. Try to find out any problems the previous owner may have experienced while they were living there. Educating yourself about your new neighbors can help you know who, if any, neighbors would be considered as problematic. This can help you make decisions about who to associate, trust and even if you want to continue with purchase. All it takes is one bad apple to ruin a perfect batch of apples. This can save you a possible lifetime of headaches by being able to avoid those problematic neighbors.

Becoming a Friendly Neighbor

As you can see getting to know your neighbors is an important part of joining a community and there are many worthwhile reasons to introduce yourself. Make the effort and it’s possible you will wind up with some good friends. A strong neighborhood community can give you more than just security, it can give you a life time of friends, a sense of belonging and can also make you feel more comfortable during a stressful transition when moving into your home.

By getting to know your neighbors and in return being a good neighbor yourself, you can see that it can be a rewarding effort for you and your family. It will pay off in the end by giving you more than just a house – it will also give you a home within your community.