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Uncertainty over job stability in the oil and gas sector together with an oversupply of residential homes has caused a drop in pricing - we need to get the available properties pool down to a 5 to 6 month inventory not a 7 to 8 month supply.  

 October 2018 Statistics

The hottest housing markets occur with a 2- 4 month availability of product, the Seller should be watching for this trend before listing their property.



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Are you getting ready to buy a house or sell your house? If so, this is not a journey you want to go on alone. You will want to have a realtor who can help you along the way. Of course, if this is the first home you are buying or selling, or if your previous realtor is no longer available – or did not do a great job – you need to know how to find a great real estate professional. Let’s look at some of the most important elements you will need to consider when it comes to getting a great realtor.

choosing a realtor

Make Sure They Deal With Your Type of Property

Of course, one of the first things that you are going to need to check when you are choosing a realtor is whether or not they work with your type of property.

If you are looking for a new place to…

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First time homebuyers

Buying a home in Edmonton is something that many people rush into when they are young adults, in order to get out of the never-ending cycle of renting. And while we definitely think that home ownership is a great investment for people in all stages of life, there are definitely some things that first-time buyers should know before they start touring homes. Because home ownership is a long-term commitment, with contracts that last decades, you need to make sure that you have fully researched the following things.

Home Buyers Financing Options

Research the Financing Options

First and foremost, you need to know how you’ll be able to pay for the home. For most people, a house is the most expensive thing you will ever buy, and the only way to afford it is to take out a loan.…

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There are many great reasons to consider buying a home instead of renting in Edmonton, even in today’s economy. Although it’s less common to hear of people buying their first home anytime soon, home ownership is slowly getting more popular again. Here are some benefits of buying vs. renting that you should know.

Buying a Home Is Greener

When it comes to renting a home in Edmonton, you can only change so much about the property in most cases. If the roof needs repairs, it’s up to the landlord to choose the materials. If the energy bills are too high, you’re likely stuck with quick fixes rather than permanent solutions. But when you own your own home, you can make environmentally-friendly choices, such as replacing windows with more energy…

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If you are considering buying a home for you and your family, or you are an investor who is looking for a property, you have many options available throughout Edmonton. One of the options to consider when you are looking at the available properties is foreclosed homes. Buying these homes can have some great benefits, and they could be the ideal solution for those who want to buy a piece of property while keeping as much of their budget intact as possible.

What Is a Foreclosed Home?

A home will typically fall in to foreclosure when the borrower has not been paying their mortgage and is considered to have defaulted. The bank, or other lender, who holds the mortgage wants to recover the money they have lost on the property, and they will then sell…

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Realtors Helps To Sell Your Home

Do you have a home for sale in the St. Albert area? While some people try to sell their house on their own, they quickly find out that it can be far more difficult and much more work than they realized. It tends to be a much better option to work with a professional REALTOR® who has experience in the field and who can make sure the sale goes as smoothly as possible. The following are some of the many ways that a REALTOR® from CENTURY 21 Reward Realty will help sell your home in St. Albert.

Marketing the Home

One of the most beneficial services that a real estate professional can provide is marketing for your home. A good REALTOR® will utilize the innovative methods of advertising, such as the newspaper, yard signs, alongside online strategies,…

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First Time Home Buyers in Edmonton

Real estate agents in Edmonton often see people fall into common mishaps when buying a home for the first time, especially when pursued without guidance from an agent. But with some advanced research and planning buying your first home is a painless and exciting experience. Learn from these tips and avoid making these first-time home buyer mistakes.

If you arm yourself with the knowledge you need going into it, you can make a well-informed buying decision and avoid unnecessary hurdles along the way.

5 home buyer mistakes to avoid when buying your first home in Edmonton

  • Not being honest about what you can afford. This is one of the most common mistakes. People get pre-approved for a huge mortgage and become intent on buying a house at that…
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