Central Edmonton Neighbourhood Information

Alberta Avenue

Alberta Avenue Edmonton - The Avenue of ChampionsAlberta Avenue is one of the oldest communities in the city with most of it's development occurring after the first world war. Recently the area has undergone a bit of a renaissance with lots of local artists deciding to call the neighbourhood home. Demographically the area has a lower than average level of household income.

Before 1914 Alberta Avenue was the name of 118th Ave, this was changed when the city adopted the grid system for naming streets and avenues. In the early days of Edmonton, 118th Ave was a quick route from the city to the Town of Beverly.

The community starts at NAIT and extends approximately 75 blocks up to Victoria Avenue. Alberta Avenue has some great facilities along it’s route, including the home to the local NHL hockey franchise Edmonton Oilers at Rexall Place.

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Bonnie Doon

Mill Creek Ravine - Bonnie Doon EdmontonBonnie Doon is at the very core of the French language community in Edmonton, and Alberta as a whole. It’s home to the Faculte Saint-Jean, which is the sole french university faculty in Western Canada. The history of this faculty dates all the way back to the early 1900’s when it originally served as a school for young boys.

The area was originally part of the old city of Strathcona, but was made part of Edmonton in 1912-13. There is a lot of nature hikes to explore in this neighbourhood, including trails along the North Saskatchewan River and through the Mill Creek Ravine.

Something Edmontonian’s love was first created in Bonnie Doon, a shopping mall. There are many throughout the city now, but Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre was the city's first when it opened it’s doors in 1967.

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Boyle Street

Boyle St Community League - EdmontonBoyle Street in an area of central Edmonton that is known for it’s ethnic diversity. Close to 15% of the population is Chinese, and around 6% of the community is of Native descent. With a great central location, Boyle Street provides it’s residents with easy access to the downtown core and rapid transit to all areas of the city.

The area was named after a lawyer who passed in 1936, and is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city. Many of it’s original homes and buildings were demolished in the 1970’s when city council decided to invest some money developing the area, but some of the original heritage buildings remain.

Quite a few of the sites that were slated for redevelopment never underwent the process and were left vacant.

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Central McDougall

McDougall United Church - EdmontonCentral McDougall is in an area just north of the downtown core and is a majority residential area. The head office of the public school system is in the area, as is the Royal Alex hospital, the Prince of Wales city armoury, and the Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts.

The city has a plan to revitalize the area, and Central McDougall is part of the Aurora project which constitutes this idea. Over a half billion dollars is scheduled to be invested in the area, and this neighbourhood is one of the central areas focused on for the development which has already started.

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Muttart Conservatory - Cloverdale EdmontonKnown for it’s annual folk music festival, Cloverdale is a very popular central neighbourhood in Edmonton. Easy access to river valley trails and the downtown core make this community very attractive for professionals and families alike.

The Muttart Conservatory is located in Cloverdale, and features an amazing botanical garden. Home to over 750 exotic rare plants from a variety of different climates from all over the globe, the conservatory is a popular destination for both tourists and locals.

Development of the area began before the second World War, but has really ramped up over the last few decade. According to the most recent census, the amount of residential homes in the area has increased by over 50% in the last 10 years.

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Delton Park - Delton EdmontonDelton is an north central area of the city that was named after a local businessman who became an alderman as well. His name was Edmund Del Grierson.

It’s generally a lower income demographic area of the city with most households earning lower than average income.

There are many local amenities available to residents of this neighbourhood, and it extremely central and has great access to public transit. The Delton Community facility is one of the finer fitness center’s in the entire city.

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Downtown Edmonton

Downtown Edmonton Skyline at NightDowntown Edmonton is divided into five major districts. Known for being a thriving metropolis during day time hour, the downtown core of Edmonton often struggles to keep consumers visiting in off peak hours. The city has made a concerted effort to promote the area over the last decade, which is having a moderate impact.

The Arts District is situated in the east of the downtown core and is home to some great facilities. The Citadel theatre is renowned for it’s productions, the Winspear Centre has great acoustics and is a favourite place for many musicians to play, and the newly built Art Gallery of Alberta provides the public access to a state of the art facility. All of these buildings converge around Sir Winston Churchill square, which hosts a number of events throughout the year.

Edmonton City Centre mall is a combination of two malls that came about during the 1990’s. Around the mall is the local studio of the CBC, four large office buildings, and a hotel for guests. Located nearby is Rice Howard Way, which offers patrons a large variety of restaurants and quaint cafes. This is one of the premier spots downtown during the summer months.

The Government area of Edmonton is home to the province’s legislature building. There are a number of historic buildings in this area that are housed by government employees during the daytime.

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Eastwood Park EdmontonEastwood began it’s development all the way back in 1906, and is one of the oldest areas in the entire city. The majority of the neighbourhood lies south of 122nd Ave.

Probably the most famous landmark in the area is Commonwealth Stadium, home to the Edmonton Eskimos. Built for the Commonwealth games in 1978, this facility has been home to many international sporting events and concerts over the years.

There is an LRT station in Eastwood which provides access to great public transit throughout the city. The large majority of homes in the area were built after the second World War, and most are currently rental accommodations.

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Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park Edmonton

Quite close the the center of the city, Elmwood Park is a very convenient neighbourhood for it’s residents. It’s a very diverse area of Edmonton, with most of it’s residential properties being rental units.

Elmwood is known for access to great amenities, including playgrounds, Elmwood Park, and many other family-oriented activities.

About 2/3 of all the homes in this area were built after WWII and before 1980. Just over half of the current dwellings are single-family homes, mixed with low-rise apartments an duplexes.

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Garneau Theater EdmontonGarneau is a very popular neighbourhood situated just east of the university. It’s considered the center of the Old Strathcona district and is home to many excellent shops and restaurants.

Ideally located, it has easy access to most parts of the city and lots of great amenities.

There are a lot of apartment buildings in the area, largely due to the high student population in Garneau. There is a strong french influence on the homes in the area, many people attribute this to a large Metis community in the area at one stage of it’s development.

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alt="McCauley Dragons Gateway"McCauley is a community that is shaped like a triangle in Central Edmonton. It was named after the first mayor of Edmonton, Matthew McCauley, at it’s inception. One interesting fact about the community is at one stage it held the Guinness world record for the most amount of religious buildings located within a small area. Boyle Street, Riverdale, Downtown and Central McDougall are all nearby.

Being centrally located in definitely a plus, and this community offers that to it’s residents. McCauley is very ethnically diverse, with easy access to little Italy and Chinatown. There is both a public and catholic school located within it’s boundaries, and you can find access to great public transit which is an awesome feature of living here.

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Oliver Convergence Fountain EdmontonOliver is one of the largest residential areas of the city, with a large concentration of people within a small area. It was named after a famous local resident, Frank Oliver. It’s also known as Grandin, which is a name that is prominently featured in the southeast portion of the community with Grandin LRT station and Grandin School. Glenora, Queen Mary Park and Downtown are all nearby.

The north side of Oliver was redeveloped over the last decade, with many new condominiums and shops being built. At one stage the area that was redeveloped was an old Canadian railway yard and right of way. Next door to this area is the downtown campus of Grant MacEwan community college.About two thirds of the area is rental apartments, with many people who live in Oliver being mobile. There is a small number of houses in the area, and a fair amount of condos available to those that choose to stay and plant roots here.

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Commonwealth Stadium - Parkdale EdmontonParkdale is one of the oldest areas in the center of the city. It’s part of the Norwood area, and the CPR right of way and the northeast LRT line are the boundary on the east side of the neighbourhood.

Fort Road is a major through way that passes through the area, allowing easy access by vehicle. Alberta Avenue, Eastwood and Elmwood Park are all nearby.

There are two school located in Parkdale, St. Alphonsus Catholic and Parkdale School, both of which are a combination of elementary and junior high aged students. About forty percent of homes in Parkdale were built before 1945. The large majority of the remaining residences were built between 1945 and 1960.

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Prince Rupert

Kingsway Mall Prince Rupert EdmontonPrince Rupert is a community in the northwest part of Central Edmonton. It’s a mix of historic buildings and innovative new properties to give it’s residents a variety of homes available to purchase. It used to be home to the Hudson’s Bay reserve, back when the company was a major driver of goods for the city. Inglewood, Prince Charles, Queen Mary Park and Westmount are all nearby communities.

Around 70 percent of all homes in the area were built between 1945 and 1960. There are a number of new properties being built around Kingsway Garden mall, which is adding to the amount of people residing in the community. In terms of owners versus renters, Prince Rupert is divided about 50/50.  There is one public school in the area, Prince Rupert Elementary school. It’s also close to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, which is neighbour to Kingsway mall.

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Queen Mary Park

Brewery District Queen Mary Park EdmontonOn the outskirts of the downtown core, Queen Mary Park is a centrally located inner city residential area. Located on land that was once owned and occupied by the Hudson’s Bay Company, the neighbourhood was originally named after the Queen of Canada Mary of Teck. Central McDougall, Westmount, Prince Rupert and Inglewood are all nearby.

About 75% of the homes in this community were built between 1950 and 1980. A large amount of properties (85%) are low rise apartment buildings. The large majority of these apartments are rental units, only a small amount of them are occupied by their owners. About 75% of the houses in the area are occupied by owners, with the rest being rental units.

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Riverdale Park EdmontonRiverdale is one of the nicest areas of the city, and likes it name would suggest it is located along the river valley. It was an extremely popular area with the settlers of the city, and not long after many came to this neighbourhood a brickyard and lumber mill were built in the area. There was an abundance of coal in the cliffs of the river valley at one time, and this supplied residents with heating fuel. Boyle Street and the Downtown core border Riverdale, Cloverdale is directly across the river.

Approximately a quarter of the homes in Riverdale were built before the end of the Second World War. The large majority of the other properties in the community were constructed during the 1980’s. There is one school in the area and four parks. Dawson Park, Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, Allan Stein Park and Louis McKinney Park are located in the neighbourhood making it the ideal place for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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Rossdale Generating Station EdmontonOne of the oldest communities in central Edmonton, Rossdale is a conventional neighbourhood located on the south side of the downtown core. The area provides easy transportation access to most areas of the city, and is very close to a lot of amenities. Victoria Park, the Royal Glenora Club, Telus Field (home of the local baseball team), and Victoria Golf Course are all located close by. Downtown and Oliver both border Rossdale.

One of the more interesting facts about the community is that is home to a native Canadian burial site. At one stage, Epcor, the local utility company, had chosen this site to expand the Rossdale Power Plan not knowing it housed the sacred site. Fortunately sense prevailed and the expansion of the plant was stopped in favour of keeping the land as it was and has been for many years.

Home development in the area has been consistent since it’s inception as a neighbourhood in the city, with the largest amount of properties (about 25%) built during the 1980’s. About half of the homes in the area are within apartment buildings, with detached homes making up close to thirty five percent of the residential properties in Rossdale.

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Spruce Avenue

HP Center - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) EdmontonSpruce Avenue is an area in the north west of the center of the city. Located within it’s boundaries are the Norwood Extended Care Hospital, Glenrose Rehab Hospital, and the Kingsway Garden Mall. It’s also home to one of the premier education institutions in the province, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology or NAIT. Prince Rupert, Alberta Avenue, Westwood and Central McDougall all border this community.

It’s one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, with a large amount of it’s development (about 1/3) happening before 1945. Not many homes in the community were built after 1980, so it’s residential properties would be considered mature. 63% of the properties in Spruce Avenue are single family homes, about about sixty percent of the overall residences are rental properties.

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Gateway sign to Old Strathcona EdmontonStrathcona is one of the most popular areas of the city, known primarily because it is close to Whyte Avenue. The avenue is a destination for excellent shops, restaurants, and nightlife. It’s located in directly south of the river valley, and it’s proximity to the U of A makes it a popular rental area for students. Garneau, Bonnie Doon and Queen Alexandra are all communities that border Strathcona.

The neighbourhood was once part of Old Strathcona, which was it’s own city up until 1912. It’s name is derived from Lord Strathcona, who was the governor of the Hudson Bay Company for over twenty years. Only a small number of properties in the area were built before 1945, and a large amount of homes in the community are rental residences. With easy access to downtown, Whyte Avenue, and the river valley, Strathcona is a popular neighbourhood for professionals, students and families alike.

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A home overlooking the North Saskatchewan River Valley from Strathearn neighborhood in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.The Strathearn area of Edmonton is conveniently located in what is considered the south central of the city. It provides easy access to Whyte Avenue and Bonnie Doon Shopping Center, both of which are south of the community. Bonnie Doon, Holyrood and Cloverdale all border the community of Strathearn.

During 1907 Strathearn actually became part of the old City of Strathcona, and when Edmonton amalgamated with Strathcona in 1912 Strathearn became a part of the city. During the years that followed the two cities combining, a small percentage of the houses in the area were built. The bulk of development of the area occurred after 1945 when soldiers came back from the Second World War. According to the most recent census number, the population of the area is around 3500 residents who have an average household income close to $80,000 per year.

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Westwood CommunityWestwood is situated in the northern part of Central Edmonton, and is considered one of the more highly mobile neighbourhoods in the area with residents often moving in and out. H.A. Grey Public school is located within it’s boundaries, and both NAIT and Kingsway Mall are conveniently located just a small commute away to the southwest. The communities of Spruce Avenue and Delton border Westwood.

Bordering communities include Lauderdale, Spruce Avenue, Alberta Avenue, Delton, and Killarney. The City Centre Airport is also located close by, and provides flights to a variety of destinations within the province. Westwood was acquired by the city during 1910, but the large majority of it’s development occurred after 1945. About 2/3 of the homes in the area are within low rise apartment buildings. The population of the community hovers around 3000 with the average household income stated as $44,000 by census Canada.

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Windsor Park

Telus World of Science Windsor Park EdmontonWindsor Park is an area with great proximity to the river valley, and is located just east of the university campus. Both Emily Murphy and Hawrelak Park are located in the river valley below the community, and this offers it’s residents a great opportunity for many outdoor activities all year round. Belgravia and the University of Alberta border the community.

Known for being very central and beautiful, Windsor Park is a hub for professors at the University and downtown professionals. The average household income in the area is above the city average at around $85,000 per year. Population wise the neighbourhood lies between 5000 and 6000 residents. There is easy access to major through ways for transportation by vehicle, and the local light rail transit system has a station nearby for public transit.

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