Renovating Kitchens and Home Values

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. We cook, eat and gather round while mom pulls out the fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies. Renovating this centerpiece is one way to increase the value of your home or condo and to get you the best price when and if you decide to sell.

Home shoppers today are looking for much higher quality in kitchens today. Granite countertops at one time were only considered part of a luxury home or condo. Today they are sought after and commonly used by developers and those renovating kitchens. Stainless steel appliances have seen a similar evolution, appearing in more and more properties. Those who are looking for luxury now look for appliances made of brushed copper or accented with coloured glass. And as far as the popular open floor-plans, they are great, but the preference is for there to be a separation between your kitchen and the front door.

Some of the upgrades that are major selling features include walk through pantries that lead from the kitchen to the garage. Bring the groceries directly into the kitchen. Hood fans are great for diverting cooking odors, and some are quite eye catching. Gas stoves can be pricey to put in, but true gourmets believe that cooking with gas is better. Kitchen islands that are big enough to double as an entertainment surface are also a big plus. Mix up the lighting, including ambient and accent lights, and use dimmer switches. Build cabinets that reach the ceiling and don’t skimp on drawer space.

Items that you might want, but will probably not have much effect on home values include wine racks, which work well if placed correctly, and tiny walkways. Make sure all appliances have room enough to open without crashing into something else. Putting a sink in your kitchen island is not the best of ideas, simply because sinks attract dirty dishes. Unless of course, it is a second sink, making the island more of a wet-bar. Then all you do is set the rules.