Five Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home

Moving can be almost as hard as buying your home. Now that you saved the money, got the loan, got the conditions met from the inspection and now you have to do what very well might be the most dreaded part of all….move! Wait, it doesn't have to be so bad. There are five little things you can do that might start you off on the right foot:

Evict The Bugs

A typical home inspection should make you aware of any pest issues. However pesky pest problems can have a way of sliding by. Take precautions to prevent any possibilities of infestations. Look for ants trailing around window sills, bed bugs like housing in carpet and cockroach trails can be almost everywhere. An empty home is a the best time to rid yourself of this problem before you move in your things, giving them places to hide and a chance to infest your furniture and clothing.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

While the house is empty it is the easiest time to deep clean. Although the previous owners probably cleaned, it would be impossible to know it they cleaned the same as you would have. Ideally not only is an empty house the best time to clean, it is by far the easiest.

Paint, Wallpaper and Border

Here come the fun part…decorating! The bank knows it's yours so now is the time for you to make your dream home feel like it's yours. All the color samples you have dreamed of, the do-it-yourself magazines articles you have been reading and borders that you just know will piece this home with your furniture and personality with your new home. There is a world of knowledge out there that can teach you how to easily give your home the flair your style screams for.

Change All The Locks

Unfortunately we are not in a safe world. You don’t know who to trust, and can never be too careful anymore. Everyone’s lifestyle is different, who we trust, who has access to our homes. Too many people do not consider this but it is better to be safe than sorry. One should always have complete control over who enters our homes when we are not there. Ensure your safety by changing all the locks and going through the home to inspect windows and all other possible entryways are able to be locked easily upon departure.

Utility Transfers and COA

Changing your address and transferring your utilities are best done prior to moving in so that the day you are there you are ready to enjoy your new with maximum benefits. You can even give a specific date when you want you mail and utilities to start, if you do so ahead of time. Make a list of all the bills; including magazine subscriptions, credit cards, etc. that need your new address, so you don’t forget anything. Keep in mind some things, such as some banks; prefer the client to change the address at their location or branch, as it may require signatures.

By following these steps your first night sleeping in your new dream house should be as comfortable and luxurious as it will be twenty years down the road.