Ideas For Hidden Value in Outside the Box Renovations

Mention home renovations and usually the conversation shifts to spruced up bathrooms and kitchens with the latest in technical gadgets. While these are two recognized renovation projects that do offer a good return on your investment, there are a few other items that may help increase your home’s value.

Siding or Cement?

If your vinyl siding looks worn and dated, consider giving your home a facelift. If you switch out the old siding with one of the more upscale products available today you may see a return of up to 65 per cent.  Just be sure to use the best siding available and pick a color that adds to your curb appeal.

The other option is to switch out that old siding with fiber cement. This upgrade can give you a return of as much as 78 per cent. This is a composite material that is made of cellulose fibers, sand and cement. Fiber cement comes in sheets of various thickness and density. The thicker the sheet used, the better the quality. Insulation should be added underneath to improve energy efficiency and sound transmission.

Replacing Windows

Outdated windows often let in drafts, increasing your energy bill. Wooden windows warm over time, creating gaps between the sill and the other working parts. Caulking ages, cracks and looses its insulating properties. Switching those old windows with upscale vinyl windows can give you a return of nearly 70 per cent. Energy efficient double or triple paned glass panels are best. Most have gas, usually argon, pumped in between the panels to increase insulation.


Bye-Bye Garage Door

Garage doors also wear out. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as rotting wood panels, sagging pieces or the fact that it just won’t open or close easily. The amount of money you spend on a new garage door determines your return, which hovers around the 71 per cent mark.  Choose wood, painted metal or fancy models with window insets. Automatic garage doors are a big plus. No one likes to get out and wrestle with a door in mid-winter.

Need a New Front Door?

Your garage door isn’t the only door that wears out. Your entry door either shouts welcome or gives subliminal messages along the lines of “do you really want to come in this place?”  Perhaps you can get away with a coat of paint, but replacing that front door with something that has more curb appeal can give you a return of roughly 73 per cent. Besides, replacing that old wooden door with one made of steel gives you a heightened sense of security. That’s a great feeling to have whether or not you’re putting your home on the market.