Where To Put Your Renovation Cash? 3 Great Tips

Housing sells best when it looks its best. When you are trying to sell your home it should be the best of the bunch. Just like a nice car in a showroom with all the lights and the fancy pedestal, you want your house to stand out and shine. Most of us have a limited budget so putting your money where it counts is everything. Here are the 3 best places in your home to put your money. And an extra tip for getting a faster sale and more money.

Curb appeal is first and foremost. You have heard the saying you have one chance to make a first impression? No I am not selling dandruff shampoo but I am giving you a great place to put a good amount of your budget. Curb appeal is the appearance of the front of your home. This could be the lawn, driveway, garage door, siding, windows, door, just about anything. Make it look nice, clean, new and inviting. If your doorbell looks old and ugly or your door knob is scratched and stained. Replace them. It costs little and makes a huge difference.

Kitchens. You knew that already. Kitchens give you the most return on your money. Go all out on the kitchen. There are places, like Ikea and others where you can make your kitchen look like a gourmet chefs kitchen with little money. You don't have to add pot lights and granite. You can just paint, add a back splash, change the old counters, paint the cabinets and add hardware. If it is in your budget you can change the appliances. It is not that expensive. Kitchens have to be functional first and look great next.

So that leaves the bathrooms. Again if you have a limited budget do the ensuite bathroom first. If you do not have an ensuite then do the main bathroom. Again you can do this rather inexpensively. New tile or laminate, a tub surround, cheap new vanity and maybe some new lights and your done. If you do not want to change you tub or toilet, think about re-glazing them. A lot of companies will paint your toilet and tub with industrial paint. Believe me it looks brand new and only costs a few hundred dollars. Easy and great return.

The final piece of the puzzle is something that is not an actual “hard” improvement but it will make your home sell quicker and faster. Staging. If you do not have the budget just hire a stager to consult with you for an hour or 2. Use your own furniture. They can make any house look amazing, even if your furniture is a little outdated. But for the full effect, getting a stager to do your whole house from top to bottom with their furniture is stunning. The difference is night and day. Going back to that first impression. Once you have them in the door you have 15 seconds or less to wow them. If your house looks drab, odd or just not esthetically pleasing then your buyer will just walk right out. And please do not stage yourself. Most people try and fail miserably. Their is a talent and art to it and most people don’t have it. Hire a professional. Try to consider staging as the icing on the cake.

If you want the most money from your home then following the above is crucial. You can't get the most money and quickest sale if you have an inferior product. And that is what you will have if you do not take the time and care with your home. So make your property a diamond and it will sell like one.